I'm worried about my hen Ida

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by chicklover16, Oct 30, 2011.

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    I have a eight month old Easter egger hen named Ida, she has been acting kind of strange for the last month or so, she spends a lot of her time just sitting on her roosts and when she free ranges (all of my birds have opportunity to free range whenever they want) she kind of drifts away from the rest of the birds and free ranges all by herself. She also hasn’t layed an egg for the last two months, I’m kind of worried about her and any help is appreciated, thank you all.


    p.s. I can post a picture of her if I need too
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    Aug 10, 2011
    Pictures would help! She might be egg bound and need surgery!
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    How is her appetite? Is she still interested in treats? How do the other chickens act towards her? Do they let her eat when they are nearby? Is she molting? Does her belly feel different?
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    Here is a pic, I can take more if you tell me what type of pictures you need, she seems to be eating fine, she is usually interested in treats but sometimes she just stares at the treat and then acts like she is scared of it, she is pretty much at the bottom of the pecking order but the other hens aren’t mean to her, yes they let her eat when they are around, she is just starting to lose a couple of feathers on the top of her head and I think that means that she is molting but I have never had a molting hen so I have no clue, I didn’t notice anything strange about her stomach

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    I was logging on to ask similar quesrions except I KNOW our SLW is moulting. And yet, I read that moulting doesn't shouldn't change their behavior but ours is now skittish and scared of us, hanging out away from our other 2 more....I hope it is "just" the stress of a hard moult which she didn't have last year (she is 1 1/2). It sounds a bit like yours is in a softer moulting mode.

    our other 2, which are slightly younger, either aren't moulting, or are doing it on the sly, feather here, feather there. But what is making me sad is that they have all changed their behavior toward us lately. It used to be that a shake of the BOSS container brought them running, one always jumped up on my lap, the other two eating from my hand. Now, as of last few weeks, we get no reaction from treat shakes and they want no part of us. Since they are pets it is a drag because that time with them is a wonderful, calm part of my day. But, as well, since our only losses in the past have been when we were off the property wihtout putting them back in their pen, we use the treats to get them to come in so we can close their gate until we get home. They like their pen-go in on their own often-to get food, water, to lay, to take a dust bath....it isn't jail to them. So anyone have thoughts on this flock-ette behavior shift? It has coincided with the colder days...sick of the BOSS? (spoiled things)...even an apple doesn't bring them in like it used to.

    The 2 younger ones are laying regularly, the moulter not since she started defeathering. we can't think of anything else that might have spooked them or provoked the change. Since they range they seem more vulnerable by not hanging around us more.
    Silly me for getting so attached....

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