I'm writing a story ^.^ got my characters done (pics)

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    SO, I like to write, everyone I know says I should become a writter, which I don't think I'm that good, I have problems with punctuations and such, getting better, but have always had issues, even in school.

    anyways, I fell in love with the warrior cats series about 5 years ago, and have read every book up to date except the newest one, which i'm waiting on in the mail [​IMG]

    I like to write my own versions of warriors.

    through Feral-heart forums I found this doll dress up thing [​IMG]

    but found ones where you can make cats.

    My story is called Ripple of the Tides (and again it is warrior based, and like the books is based one one clan as the "main" story plot.

    The clan is called Stormclan (as I didn't want to use original clans)

    ANYWAYS, I'm short on time(gotta go to a friends), SO for right now I will list the cats in Stormclan as well as the pics I made for them.

    Shoop shoop-a doop! *poofs*
    Leader: Cherrystar (female)-40 moons ( 3 years 4 mos.)

    Deputy: Fireclaw (male)-45 moons 3 years 9 mos.)

    Medicine cat: Risingwind (female) 12 moons (1 year)
    Russetstrike (male)- 24 moons(2 years)

    Stormpelt (male)- 25 moons

    Lilysong (female) -28 moons (Stormpelts mate)

    more pics to come, tell me what ya think, then once charries are done, I'll post the first part of the intro to be critiqued
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    WELL, I gots good news and bad news, the GOOD news is, I got the rest of the charries uploaded [​IMG]

    they are below

    the BAD news is [​IMG] one of the cats got into some vanilla cake icing I left out last night (not thinking) and then proceeded to at some point decide that my note book with the story in it was a good place to barf [​IMG]

    SO I'll grace you with the bit that I had written down on computer notepad [​IMG]

    And you think this is a good idea? a delicate she-cat asked a stocky battle-scarred Ginger and white tom, her vivid green eyes locked firmly into his own.

    Stoneclan has been a thorn in our pads ever since Darkclaw became leader. You know this Cherrystar, this is not the first time they have stolen prey from us, they NEED to be taught that Stormclan is not to be messed with lightly. The gruff voiced Ginger and white tom growled.

    I am still not certain this is the right action, but talking to Darkstar in past has not worked..you're right, Fireclaw, I will tell the clan to prepare themselves, we will attack in two sunrise time, Cherrystar turned and padded away, leaving Fireclaw to greet his mate, Swiftheart with an affectionate lick, she still was uncertain of what she was about to do.

    Jayflight-male, 22 moons

    Petalfur-female, 23 moons(Jayflights mate)

    Honeysong-female, 20 moons

    Brackenfur-male, 35 moons

    Those are the warriors
    Swiftheart-female, 30 moons (Fireclaws mate)
    (3 kittens)

    Poppyfrost-female, 32 moons Russetstrikes mate)
    (I'm going to decide what i want their kits to look like later)
    (Fireclaw and Swiftheart)
    Sorrelkit-female, 4 moons

    Sunkit-female, 4 moons

    Falconkit-male,4 moons

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