Images from the 2012 Winter Brisk Washington Feather Fanciers Poultry Show


7 Years
Nov 2, 2012
Whidbey Island, Washington
Returned from the show last night. Happy and exhausted. A van load of new pullets, chicks, and hatching eggs. Everyone I met was so nice!

I purchased four mixed breed pullets from Jean. A pair of Grey Silkie youngsters from M. Best, and White Silkie hatching eggs out of a pen from S. Butler. (Thank you K. Hunter for assisting. I didn't get a chance to meet S. Butler. Maybe in Monroe?
What a turn out. My DH and I were astounded by the sheer numbers of birds and people. The quality of exhibits blew me away.

I took lots of pictures. Some good, some not so good. I really don't know who owned the birds I took pictures of. I took pictures of the ones that made me say, "WOW!"
I started this thread to share. Here are some of my favorites.

8:30 am and the barn is still filling with people and birds.

The table with poultry keeping items was back by the door. I purchased some bands and cage dishes from a nice man.

One of the judges judging.

I was not planning on purchasing any Silkies at the show but was wowed by two Grey youngsters in a sale pen. I stood in the middle of a crowd back there and timidly inquired who owned the birds. M. Best was standing right next to me and said, "Why, I do."
Nicest lady! She sold me the little male and female and gave me a wealth of information. I was star struck.! Those darling little birds are settled in and are the friendlist little chicks I've ever seen. No exaggeration. They are a delight.

I have read a little about Seramas and was amazed by the number of birds at the show. Before judging I kept going back to this little fellow and stare. It delighted me that the judge was also impressed!

I have lots more pictures but would love other members that were at the show to share their's too.


It is impossible not to smile when looking eyeball to eyeball with this guy.

This big boy was magnificent in my view. I think he is a Plymouth White Rock? Not sure. I was so smitten forgot to read the tag.

There were maybe five or six wonderful specimens of Heritage RIR. Love love love! I would sure like to know who the breeder was of this big boy.
Very nice, thank you for sharing! I went too and picked up a couple of 8 week old Salmon Faverolles boys from Cloverleaf.... My favorite part was the kids showmanship :) fun stuff.
Thank you for sharing. I forgot to grab my camera for this show. CR and his DW are in the first picture. They really weren't looking at the camera. lol

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