Imaginary Friend


Green Eggs and Hamlet
12 Years
Jul 7, 2007
Middle TN
Everybody needs at least one Imaginary Friend in their lifetime! As I have outgrown mine, I am listing him up for sale. He is a handy object of blame (tends to go by the name "Not Me"), as well as the object of comfort. Skills include monster banishing and cookie stealing. Color and size varies. Appropriate for all age levels.
PM me if you have additional questions!

Picture unavailable as his natural state is invisible. Sorry!
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No worries! For $999.27 I can probably entice his brother "Can I have..." to come play.
"Do we want it?"

"I dont, keep me out of this"

"Oooh, Id like a new friend"

"Shut up, its already crowded in here".

Lemme, er, us, think about it first....

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