Imelda hits Texas, are all BYC friends doing all right?

Sep 2, 2018
Big Chimney, WV
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My Coop
Yes I'm good.
Wet but good.

It's going to be non stop rain for days. I had no idea this was coming so I hadn't stocked up on toilet paper yet. Hopefully tomorrow morning I can make it to the store to get some. :fl
I was surprised too, that whole system reminds me to Harvey. That was a mess…


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Jul 31, 2015
Houston, TX
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My Coop
According to this I've only gotten 5+ inches at in my area.
My baby pool was empty this is full now.

Just received an automated call from the school district...we are on standby for school tomorrow.
Not closed yet but that will probably change by morning.
Our streets are already about to be in trouble and this just started.
I am kicking myself now for not going shopping today.

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