Impacted crop again after surgery

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    Oct 24, 2011
    I know impacted crops come up regularly on the forums but my girl has an impacted crop again within hours of having surgery for it. So was just looking for some advice

    My little Pekin called Hulk who's about 2 years old had an impacted crop earlier in the week. We'd just moved to a new house and she had been gorging on grass but it's quite a tough thin grass.
    I noticed it on Wednesday morning and have been flushing her and tipping her forward to bring up what was blocking her crop. I couldn't get the last 2/3rds out so I took her to the vet on Friday and he cut open her crop and removed a mass of grass.
    Once home I gave her easy to digest food, pureed carrot with banana tiny chunks of apples etc. Yet in the morning she had a huge crop again. It hasn't gone down and she's moving her head in circular motions like she was before.
    I've just been giving her actimel with baby food today so no solids to see if that helps her. She's so hungry she pecks at anything.

    Should I try flushing her crop again? Any advice.

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