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    Oct 29, 2011
    Hi everyone...
    My hen is about 6 months old she has only been laying for just over a week......her first egg was lunchtime and she has been laying a little later every day........i realised this afternoon that she hadn't laid today and when i had a look at her I noticed she had a large hard lump on her right breast........ i was in a total panic.....but after a search on this forum, I realised she had an impacted crop.......I gave her olive oil and massaged her crop......i have done this twice and her crop is now smaller and much softer...... she then laid about 4 oclock this afternoon the crop must have been bothering her although she was acting completely normally..
    but i am concerned that her poop is not normal....she pooped small brown pellets a little like rabbit droppings that were streaked with white and a little mucous.......
    any advice?
    thank you.
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