Impacted crop treatment. Remainign grit?


Mar 12, 2020
I had another sour crop hen I've been dealing with. She's been in a dog crate in the garage with garlic water and coconut oil for 5 days now. The liquids in her crop finally drained and she started pooping. Crop is much smaller and inflammation is gone.

I can still feel a small amount of grit in the crop. Should she have passed this or does that stay in there?

Just trying to figure out when I should start her high protein soft food diet to build her weight back up.
It's normal for some material to remain in the crop after a serious crop disorder. It takes time for things to get moving again at the rate it was before the slow-down. Provide easy access to grit. Chickens crave grit when they feel sluggish. Provide a source of good intestinal microbes that may need replenishing after a bout with a crop disorder. Greek yogurt and acidophilus tablets can help with this. And encourage water drinking to flush the system. If a crop patient appears not to be drinking, add a teaspoon of sugar in her water to get her back into the habit of drinking.

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