Impacted Crop?

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    Oct 9, 2015
    Undigested grass and seeds in very watery poop. Has been going on for at least two weeks.Crop fully packed at night and still half packed crop in am. Can feel a hardish ball in crop. Easy to manipulate and break a part. Can feel seeds in the mass. Isolated her yesterday morning. Only water given. Drinking and still pooping mostly water with a few seeds, five seeds and one teaspoon of greyish feed.
    This am, no more pooping since yesterday. Looks sick. Closing eyes and the skin around her eyes getting paler. ? In pain? Comb is still pink but not as red as it usually is. Gave yogurt last night and it seemed to perk her up a bit. Just gave her the epsom salt water in her pen and some raw egg. Ate some of the raw egg but not the water. Waiting for Dulcolax to be brought from town by my husband. Should I try to vomit her? IS this sour crop or impacted crop. No smell that I can detect so far. Please and thanks.
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