Impacted crop?


5 Years
Dec 12, 2016
Erie PA
Hey everyone. So I had about 60 chicks that are a week old today. They started on medicated crumble and were doing well. Then Sat night my hubby was out of town and I had to work basically from then till Monday night so kids were feeding everyone. My son accidentally gave the babies my adults food. Its calcium free but is ground at a local feed mill and is pretty corse. I had given them grit but I don't think it was enough. They started dying Sun night and into Monday. I finally realized what was wrong last night when i got home. I took away all food, added more grit, massaged crops, added a little coconut oil to water. I've lost 9 now with one looking really bad and one that doesn't want to walk. Almost everyones crop is now almost empty after almost 12 hrs. Can I put crumbles back in or should I wait till they are fully empty? Thanks

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