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    Nov 6, 2008
    Hubbard Lake, Michigan

    Has anybody seen chickens eating there own feathers and straw,
    I mean 6" long? Also I have seen some runny brown poo in my chicken coop. They are 14 weeks old and do go out side where some birds have been. Should I worm?[​IMG]
  2. Could you please give us more information on their feed and water supply, symptoms, shelter and other conditions, number of birds...your title is 'Impacted Crop' but do you have birds displaying this? Your young birds may be stressed by being exposed to older ones, and are they getting the right foods? Is anyone getting bullied?

    You can also go to the head of this page and Search under 'impacted crop', 'feather eating' and 'bullying' for specific discussions...[​IMG]
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