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    Aug 27, 2009
    I have a bantam hen whose crop seems slightly larger than what I believe is normal. I've only had her for a couple of weeks, so I'm not sure but she's moving her neck in an odd way. Sorta stretching it to the side. I took her out and massaged her crop and it isn't rock hard but seems like it has a ball in there. Her bedding is hay (which I am going to switch now that I've had this problem!!)

    So far I've massaged her crop and put her in my isolation crate with pine shavings. I removed all food and am stopping by the grocery store to pick up some plain yogurt. I plan to give her some yogurt and some olive oil tonight after work.

    Is the neck stretching a sign of an impacted crop? Also, the reason I'm using hay in the coop is because it has a wire bottom. I wanted to cover it but wood shavings will just fall through. Other suggestions of what to use in a coop with a wire bottom? It's not normal wire, its actually very thick - some sort of steel or something. but it does have holes large enough that wood shavings won't work.
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    Birds experiment with new things so she may have a fibre impaction and it sounds like you've caught it early. Hold off on the yogurt for now in case the alfalfa ferments in there- yogurt will make it worse and possibly turn it to sour crop. Give oil-soaked bread, in little bits or if you drizzle some oil on her beak and she will sip it from a dropp, so much the better. Avoid the nares of course. Also, diced fresh tomato or tomato juice is good for fibre impactions- the acid helps to break down the fibre.

    If you have some apple cider vinegar put about 1 tbsp per gallon in the water, everyone can have that- again it's the acid that helps.

    I've put more information here (Incident 03) and I hope it assists you

    Not sure what your bedding options are, but keep her away from alfalfa. Maybe straw?

    nnbreeder helped me through the alfalfa impaction, everything he suggested about feed and massage worked perfectly.

    The hens love a crop massage, btw, you become a lifelong buddy, they'll want it all the time! [​IMG]
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