Impacted crop?

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    Jun 19, 2010
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    I have 1 game (fighting) hen, and English Game rooster (very docile) and chicks from them, and two store bought pullets, One Rock Americana and on Leghorn

    I had the 4 month old Rock die yesterday. Here is what happened:

    Thursday afternoon, I put a few peaches in the pen. All of the ate. Friday morning, I noticed the Rock was not running with the flock. I tried to catch jer, but she was too fast, and I had to leave for work.

    When I got home yesterday evening, she was even more lethargic, and I was able to catch her. She has a brownish thick liquid coming out of her mouth. I put her in a bow with shredded paper, some water and crumbles. She did not eat or drink. She died about 30 minutes later. After she died, I noticed that her gizzard area was swollen and squishy.

    I searched the forum, but it looks like from what I read, a slow thing that can kill. This was fast.

    They are free range in thier 30'x20' pen and do get fed crumbles, and have access to crushed granite made for poultry.

    Any info would be most helpful. All the others are doing well.


    Ralph Grassi
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    Good luck with the rest of the hens
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    Jun 19, 2010
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    I did search. I am a member on other unrelated forums and know how they work. I gave what info I had. I do not know the weight. I gave the age and the food type. Did not notice any droppings left by this particular hen.

    I was just wondering if there is a possibility of a sudden onset of an impacted crop.

    I am a kind of chicken newbie (raised them when I was in High School 30 years ago and now) and i signed in looking for help, since I could not find anyone locally with knowledge.

    I guess I will just let nature run it's course with the rest ofthe flock, which appear healthy.

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    Sorry for your loss [​IMG] I don't think impacted crop could kill your bird that fast- I overlooked that in one of my hens and still had days to try to soften the blockage or cure it before her comb drooped and we opted to do surgery. Maybe someone else on here has an idea of what could cause such a quick death.

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