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    Yesterday afternoon I noticed one of my chickens (Tilly) had a large (golf ball), hard crop. I'm new to chickens so wasn't quite sure what it was. Well jumped on trusty BYC and found out about impacted crop.
    This morning I checked out both hens and found they both had hard, enlarged crops. Also no eggs. So I've given them a couple of massages and managed to soften them up. Now Tilly's has gone but her crop is now larger. It's really swollen and soft and she doesn't like me touching it. She has lay me an egg though.
    Lucy's is still there but it's not as hard anymore.
    I've removed their feed but still let them free range.
    Acting normal.
    Will my girls be ok?
  2. Beulah89

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    Lucy's keeps getting hard all over again and now she's having trouble breathing! Might keep the girls inside tonight. Keep up with the massages
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    Dec 20, 2012
    I had a hen with a very impacted crop. The thing that ended up helping her in the end was just giving her a little bit of grit mixed with some water, yogurt, and olive oil then continuing to massage. Keep her warm too- if you can put a warm wash cloth (not wet) on her crop that may help as well.
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    Thanks I'll give that a try tonight, got grit, yogurt and olive oil. Going to bring them in for the night soon.
  5. Beulah89

    Beulah89 Chillin' With My Peeps

    Thanks for the advice! The girls loved the oil and yogurt. The crops aren't so hard any more either. :D

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