Impacted crop!

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    Aug 9, 2014
    Western Washington
    My amazing Mottled Java hen Dottie and the head of our flock, has an impacted crop. We have already gave her bread soaked in olive oil, grit, scrambled and hard boiled eggs for her with probiotic powder, massaged her crop, made her throw up, and confined her with access to only water, grit, and 1 scrambled egg with probiotic powder. Her crop has gotten smaller but is still to big. Any ideas on how to fix her? I love Dottie a lot and so does her flock! Also does anybody know poultry vets in western Washington in case we can't figure out how to fix her? Thank you!
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    Mar 6, 2013

    Is she pooping? Does it look normal? Can you feel a mass in the crop? If you have her caged, remove the food at night and check her first thing in the morning. See how much the crop went down, feel it and see what the mass feels like and check the poop as far as what it looks like and how much there is. It may be runny if the diet is more liquid. Important thing is color. A greenish bile looking color means not much food getting through her. If she is pooping and color looks good, food is getting through. I would continue with some olive oil and a very soft diet for a while along with the crop massages. I don't think you need any more grit, she probably got enough. Her crop may feel like a bunch of rocks if she ate some grit. What type of ground was she on before this happened?

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