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    Apr 22, 2014
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    Hello all
    I have an ee mix hen yesterday I saw her doing some weird stuff. she was moving her head like she was trying to swallow something
    and it wouldn't go down. so I proceeded catcher by the tail feather since she was try to run from me that's what got a hold of and picked her (oh and before this she was not eating and this was in the morning when after I let them out) up and put her in my lap talked to her and was petting her didn't see anything stuck in her throat. after all the fuss she gave me she was talking to me and I thought she was good and I put her back in and she started eating.

    this morning she started the something so I got her the same way I got her yesterday and found that her crop was impacted. so I
    massage her crop while I held her at a 60 degree angle and she vomited some nasty smelling stuff up. So i brought in and was wondering if I can use Epsom salt to help her out. I know they say to give soft food and olive oil mix in and to massage her crop a w time a day. was just wondering about Epsom salts if that would help.

    p.s. sorry for the long post. :)

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