Impacted Croup , Update on "Fluid Filled Breast"


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Apr 29, 2007
After more examination of my cochin hen "Meringue" I beleive she is impacted. Her croup is staying large all the time and she is more sluggish than normal. She also appears to have lost some weight. I can massage and move the contents around so from what I read should I go ahead and oil? How much oil can I safely give and is Canola Oil ok?
I have syringes of various sizes so just need some instruction.
sometimes tomato juice will help if its due to overeating and you catch it right away. How long has it been impacted? I'm not sure how to get mineral oil in them, I tried adding to water but I don't know if she drank any. take food away for a few hours and feed tomato juice. Recently some one else on here lost a chicken and she opened it up and it was feathers it had eaten. Good luck with yours
I believe you can offer her small bites of bread soaked in olive oil to help break up whatever is in there. Apple cider vinegar (1 Tbsp. per gallon of water) will help prevent sour crop. Best wishes.
If you are willing to operate, and it is an impacted crop, it's not that difficult. I believe there are instructions on one thread from a few months ago. DLHUnicorn invariably has written excellent instructions - you may want to email her if you can't find them.

Good luck -
It is large, not hard but not entirely fluid filled either. I can actually feel and sort of move around the feed in there. THe thing concerning me is I really felt her over last night and she seems thin, which makes me think it's impacted. I could probably operate, but finding a helper would be diffucult as hubby has a weak stomach.
My equine vet will be here soon and I may try to talk him into looking at her and maybe taking care of it. I just really don't want to lose her.
Locked hearts-

Before you operate...... let me find the thread from when I went through this last fall. My hen is totally fine now.

Be right back-
Here is the whole thread:

And here is the summary:
For anyone searching for info on crop problems in the future (as I spent hours doing) here is a recap:
Initial Symptoms: very full crop that did not empty at night, not rock-hard but pliable like modeling clay, could feel fibrous material. Thin bird. "Dandruff" of flakes off the feather quills.
First treatment: Isolated bird to dog crate inside, on newspaper so she wouldn't eat any more fibrous stuff and I could monitor poop. Massaged the crop for 5-10 minutes periods ever few hours. Fed water with raw apple cider vinegar (a small splash in the waterer) and plain live-culture yogurt mixed with baby-bird-food from the pet store.
The next day her crop had partially emptied but still had some finrous, clay-like solids. Fed more of above foods, plus bread loaked with A LOT of olive oil, and later with mineral oil. More massage.
New symptoms: Perhaps due to the strange diet, her crop blew up again but different: soft, squishy, gassy and balloon-like.
Threatment: Continued with massage. Stopped the yogurt and ACV in case they were responible for the gassiness of the crop. On vet's recommendation, fed her normal food (layer pellets) soaked/softened in water. Also fed some chopped ppached egg. Continued with massage.
That seemed to do the trick.
In retrospect, I think the massage and oil probably helped move the blockage, which had been making her unable to absorb nutrients, hence the skinnyness and dandruff. She seems on the mend now.

What I would have done, now that I have been through it:
1) Isolate her, monitor poop as described. Feed oil-soaked bread, masage A LOT until crop is mostly empty.
2) Massage massage massage
3) Feed regular feed softened a lot with warm water. Some egg but mostly feed, lots of water.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to email if you have any questions!
Since my vet has now backed out on me today, I will go move her inside right now, I have a crate and will feed her as described.

THanks, I really like this bird and don't want to lose her.

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