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    Sep 27, 2011
    I've noticed there are a lot of posts where someone will pose a question and within an hour demand to know why no one has responded. A lot of times these seem like common questions that have been answered in a number of times if you just search for them, like what temperature to keep a brooder, what physical traits indicate a cockerel instead of a pullet, etc. How often do you think people use the forum search feature before posting? Do you think that the instant gratification of being able to post to the internet spoils us?

    As an aside, I did a search on "Impatience" and came up with lots of hits for being impatient on eggs to hatch. Perhaps there is a similar thread deeply imbedded in BYC. If so, I don't mind if an administrator deletes mine.
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    It is an interesting topic. I don't mind if people ask common questions. Those are usually easy to answer since we have practice and this forum would quickly dry up if only new questions were allowed to be asked.

    Not everybody knows how to use the Search feature here. A lot of people, especially people fairly new, don't understand the terminology, know how to search, or what to search for.

    I think the main part of your post though is on the impatient people here. Some people may not understand that no one is paid to answer these questions. We are all volunteers and many of us have other lives to live. A lot of times, those are questions that not everyone can answer. The right people have to see the question and they may be at work or asleep. It's surprising how many of these posts are from some place here in the US, are posted after midnight, and they still get upset that someone does not immediately respond.

    I admit the rudeness of some people bothers me, but I try to have a bit of patience myself if I choose to respond. A lot of those I just blow off. There are several of us on here that will explain some facts of life to some of these posters, all trying to "educate" but some of us may educate a bit more bluntly.

    When dealing with the thousands of different people on this forum, you are going to run into all kinds. I try to hold myself to a certain standard when dealing with people. Sometimes I am more successful than other times.
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    The world is full of rude self-centered people who think they have a god-granted right to instant gratification because the world revolves around their glorious important selves.

    I'm afraid that attitude is going to bring about the end of the USA. It's already gone a long ways towards destroying our culture.

    You don't run into it so often with farming types, because everything we do takes planning and time to develop. But, holy cow, is it a serious problem on other types of forums. The "I want what I want and I want it right now!" mind set of so many people.
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    Oct 24, 2011
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    I will be setting my stopwatch right ..... *CLICK* now to see how long it takes for someone to get back to me.

    thank you

    ok, I'll shut up [​IMG]
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    Dec 22, 2010
    Quote:Gotcha. 3 minutes!
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    Back at'cha, kaom! It's about 12:58.
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    What Ridge...said.

    The impatience doesn't bother me usually. I see it mostly with newer members who are worried about their pets. I think I'd be impatient too, if I thought my pets were in jeopardy.


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