impatient egg daddy


8 Years
Oct 26, 2011
I couldn't wait! I had a chick pip under the hen today and it feels like it has been at least 23 days so I was upset when I started seeing broken fertile undeveloped and clear eggs. well this morning I found another broken and almost fed it to the dogs when it chirped so i put it back .when I checked it again about 6 hrs later there was no progress so I tried to help it . it got more active as i did and finally when I got around the egg the chick kicked and popped out squeaking . I brought it inside and put it on heat in a plastic food
container with a paper towel above it and sprayed the paper towel lightly .it has been peeping on and off and seems strong enough but i am worried that there was a bit of blood . I disinfected the umbilicus to prevent infection, is there anything else I should do for it . It was a little shrink wrapped and the membrane was tough enough for me to get through that I worry about the rest of the eggs. There was a little un absorbed yolk and blod in one end of the shell (near it's rear). these shells are hard too. Serama if you are wondering. I'll pu up pics soon.
I'm not sure about the membrane on this breed, but it can take up to 24 hours after the external pip for the the chick to zip and pop on out. They are absorbing the remaining egg yoke and the blood vessels are drying up. I would not help them out unless it has been more than 24 hours since it externally pipped. Good Luck on your hatch and I hope the little one makes it. It does need to be under a heat source if your not goint to put it back under mom. Should be about 95 degrees for the first couple of days.

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