Imprinting ducks???


Apr 29, 2017
I got my two ducks when they were about three days. The brooder was next to my bed and we were in a studio apartment so that almost always saw us which really helped them “imprint”. Just spend lots of time with them! I eventually had to sleep with my hand in the brooder or else they would cry for me.


Aug 28, 2016
Memphis, TN
I teach AP Biology and was surprised when we were studying imprinting. The information we had said that in the first 6-24 hours they imprint on the first large moving "species" that they see, not a person. They clearly get to know and trust a person later on, but imprinting has already happened when you get them, since the people who packaged them handled them. My first two ducks were shipped ducklings and they still love me and trust me more than my other three adults, which I hatched. I think it has to do with time spent, like CarleeAnn did. I spent more time with the first two. I currently have six 12 day old ducklings (offspring of the older ones) which I hatched in my classroom. I had my students hold them a lot the first couple of days. They are already very tame and follow me anywhere I go.

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