In Hand!

Lady Fiona

7 Years
Mar 23, 2015
I went to check for eggs and my Buff laid one in my hand. It was very warm (chicken temperature I would imagine) wet, and soft like a rubber ball. Within seconds the shell began to dry and harden. Such an amazing experience!
Wow that sounds amazing! Don't think my girls would do that! I opened the nesting box the other day, Mable(one of my speckledy hens) started clucking at me very loudly! I think she was telling me to go away! Your hen is lovely by the way!
Wow! Sounds like an awesome (if rather gross, lol) experience!!
I've accidentally opened the nestbox lid on my EE, Nugget, just as she's laying a few times -literally "scared" the egg right out of her. :gig
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Honestly! It was soft and pliable, then hardened to a normal shell within seconds.

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