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    Nov 25, 2010
    A few days ago something got into the duck pen. I had one female Pekin, one male pekin, and one Sebastopol. I raised all of them from babies. The pen was only about 500 feet from the house with lighting and some 12 inch shiny owls attached to each side of fencing. Woke up to find my two males dead in the pen. Blood was everywhere. They must have tried to protect the female because she only had a very few light marks on her. I'm beyondvupset. So was she! I moved her into our barn but she refused to eat. I finally put a few baby polish chicks in with her and she's now eating and happily playing mommy to them. I'm still in mourning on the other hand. :( watch out for pests they are super good thieves. Yes Possums DO eat everything. Early one day after this happened I was running go the store and I think I seen the little sucker who ate the ducks. A very nice size possum moping off my property cause I guess he came back for more and there were none. Ugh!!!! Anybody have a pekin or Sebastopol duck egg that's fertile?? :)

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    Probably not many gooses eggs this time of year, but if you go to the Buy Sell trade thread you may find something so sorry for your loss.
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    That's awful. Sorry to hear :(
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    Forgot also there is your state thread at "where am I where are you"

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