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    This thread is to honor those members who we have lost.

    Sarah "Sally" Baldwin- Ranchhand

    Cynthia Wise- chickchair

    Marianne- The Old Rebel

    Penny Artio- Ricochet Ranch

    Pamela Easter- GuienaLady

    Patricia Ann Stewart- Tonopah Pati

    Burt Craft- Deerman

    Ingrid Beier- FuzzyButtsFarm

    Robert Blosl

    Karen Anderson- Chilifur

    James Tobin- Unclebean

    Frank Gilbert - RiverMan420

    Cindi Silvers Davis - CoyoteMagic

    Mindy Knox - DylansMom

    Rachel- donrae

    Please send me a PM for remembrance threads for our members who have left us and I will add it here.
    If you wish a custom title for the member, please find out the date of birth/death so I can add it.
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