In need of a chicken poop expert--does this look like coccidiosis??


7 Years
Jun 1, 2016
Corrales, New Mexico
Just brought home 4 new chicks 2 days ago--we're now 4 days old :)
I've been watching one really close (a Buff Brahma) since we brought her home because she seemed less active, more sleepy and isolated than the others.
Today, another chick (a Buff Orphington) who had been very active the last 2 days seemed less so today. And then I noticed when she pooped she left a slimy string hanging out of her. I was able wipe it off to get a good look at it and I'm worried that maybe this is ?blood?
The other 2 chicks seem to have no symptoms.

This is my second round of babies and I have an older crew that's about 2yrs old, so I feel like I've had a few bouts with coccidiosis but I always thought this was a little too young to hit?

Based on the research I did with their symptoms and age, the other things that popped up were pullorum--I would probably classify most of the poop that I'm seeing as pudding/slimy/watery, but I'm not seeing white--but maybe that's something I wouldn't even notice because of the shavings and the relative small volume?
--the other thing that was mentioned was feed change. The feed store was feeding them medicated feed and I continued the same one.

Any insights or advice would be much appreciated--thanks!!:)


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