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    Aug 5, 2013
    2 days ago i rescued a kid fainting goat without considering how little i actually know about them. i was thinking with my heart not my head unfortunately. I was told to give him whole cows milk every 3 hours. thats it. he has had diarrhea for the last 2 days and is not very active. When can i begin weaning him, and what kind of grain do i start with? PLEASE ANY ADVICE YOU CAN GIVE ME IS APPRECIATED.
    *i was TOLD he was 6 weeks old, however his umbilical cord has not shriveled and fallen off yet
    *his horns are just barely pushing through
    *he ocassionally nibbles on hay

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    I've raised goats but know nothing on bottle feeding. I bought mine at about 3 months, the normal weaning age. Don't fret though, lots of people have and do bottle feed baby goats and have gone through the same stuff you are going through.

    Go to this site:, there are many experienced goat people on there who have answered these same questions many times in the past.

    Fiasco farms is another good rescource. This site is a very extensive and helpful site full of article and article of every question you could possibly have about your new goat. Here, this link should bring you to a page on bottle feeding:

    To answer the questions I can answer:

    Diahreahea and in activity are big red flags and goat kids can go down pretty quick. While it is normal for bottle babies to get it they need to be pulled through as quickly as possible. I remember one lady said to take them off their food and get some electrolytes in them. But beyond that I don't know much. (please get the full story, I really don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to bottle feeding [​IMG] Just stuff I've heard off hand)

    When your little goat gets to the 3 month mark you can begin to wean with your choice of goat feed. You will have to buy this at a feed store.

    And don't worry, few people can resist a goats little face, you aren't the first person to fall for them and not a soul will blame you. [​IMG]Good luck and God bless with the little guy.

    I will be looking up some more links for you. Best thing to do is post your question on Backyardherds and do some reading while you wait for you answer. Try posting some pictures if you can, pictures always help. ...try posting in the emergency section, I think this would count as a mini emergency.
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    Male or Female? Was he/she disbudded or not? Has his umbilical cord shirivelled at all? I have kids that still have some umbilical cord at 6 - 8 weeks old, but it is dry as a bone. Diarrhea is a big problem and from the sounds of it, he/she is not old enough to be weaned and grain might throw him for a tailspin anyway. I would be looking at whole goat's milk, neomycin for scours, and di-meth for cocci at what I think is his age. Probiotics, Vit B complex, electrolytes for support care. You might want to try posting on, also. I know that you need to be quick to get his diarrhea under control, but too much, too fast is just as dangerous as not enough. Someone over there will be better at aging him and can help you with treatment.

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