In need of help *My hen is stilll broody two weeks after I gave her a chick*


7 Years
Feb 29, 2012
My hen went broody for the first time over a month ago. The problem is, she is not sitting on her own eggs. I have another hen that keeps laying on op of her. I have been candling the eggs and it didn't look like any of the eggs were viable. I purchased her a chick to raise. That evening, I candled the eggs out of curiousily and saw that one of the nine she was sitting on was viable. That was about two weeks ago now. I left the egg and the peep. She is still sitting on the egg and raising her baby both. I candled again last week and saw the embro moving inside the egg. The problem is since the egg is from the other hen I have no idea how old it is and when it should hatch. I cannot believe she is still sitting on it and caring for the other peep. I candled it again tonight, I saw a very large air sac and then the rest of the egg was too dark to see anything else. I'm hoping that means it is going to hatch soon. I would hate to take it away if it is alive. I would also hate to let her keep it if it is not.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Every afternoon when Chelsea goes in to the box to lay an egg, Dorothy takes DD (Dorothy's daughter) out in the yard to eat, drink and stratch. They are too cute.

My broody did that after all but one egg hatched. She kept the babies warm, and rolled the egg with her to keep it warm for a couple days. Your mama must know that the are babies in the eggs (or a baby in the egg), they are wired in a very amazing way.

When I candled my eggs and all I could see was the air sack you know what happened? A couple days later I had babies! I hope that they hatch!

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