In need of someone to talk to... I need advice.

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  1. I haven't ever posted on this part of the forum I haven't posted on BYC for a while either.
    I'm in need of advice from someone or something.

    Tomorrow I have an appointment like a therapy thing, because of my depression and anxiety, and I'm actually worried about it, I've been told its an assessment and it goes for 2-3 hrs :/ I don't know what to think of it I've never been to anything like this before.
    I'm worried about the kinds of questions they are going to ask and I know deep down I feel like it's going to bring back bad memories of everything.

    I know they are there to "try" and help me but I just don't know, I know I want help and I want to be better but I'm just scared that they are going to trigger something in my mind and I'm not going to be okay.

    Any advice ASAP would be wonderful or someone just to talk to would be great.

    Thanks in advance, Christie.

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    Go with your gut!

    Truly, if they are asking questions and you don't want to venture into that realm of discussion, you have the power to tell them that you don't care to discuss that part of your life.

    They may be able to help you with other aspects of your life though. So it may be helpful to talk about some things but not others.

    I know I wouldn't want to talk about every single bad thing that has ever happened to me, but it may be helpful to talk about what I am working on right now, for example.

    You can say no- that is not something I need to dredge up!!! But I am assuming that we are talking about something that you don't need help with...that you just don't care to bring up certain past events that you don't even need help dealing with.
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    I worked in my college's counseling center throughout my years in undergrad, so I have a good idea of what goes on during appointments. I went a few times when I was stressed out during finals and found it to be a very valuable resource.

    The first appointment is just an intake appointment. It shouldn't take hours, probably more like an hour or so. They just get you to fill out a bunch of paperwork and then the therapist may ask some general questions about your concerns and what your goal in therapy is. They will also explain to you how they do things and what to expect. You won't have to divulge any really personal information at this session and probably not for the first few sessions until you feel comfortable with the counselor.

    Try not to be too worried about the first appointment. Most people are and end up walking out thinking it wasn't so bad. My best advice is that if you don't feel like you click with this counselor, you can always switch to another.

    If you have other questions, I'd be happy to answer them for you. As I mentioned, I worked for four and half years in the school counseling center and have done many years in emergency medical and transport services, so I am quite familiar with the mental health field.
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  4. I totally agree, but when I've spoken to some of the things that have happened to my partner I have gone so down hill, I've thought of some really horrid stuff.
    I think I am scared of changing back to how I use to be, witch wasn't very pleasant at all.
    I know that I can say no, but if the person is going to keep pushing and pushing me for an answer I will turn very angry and try and hurt them, I have problems speaking to people as is ( because of my disability) and I know from previous experiences when I get asked questions I know what I want to say but my brain shuts down and I go into defensive mode, and then I break down...

    The lady I spoke to on the phone was so pushy when she was asking me questions about my life over the phone I felt so intruded. I told her I do not wish to answer this question and she just kept pushing and pushing and I got so close to abusing her,

    The doctor I actually saw Friday about my medication was lovely and she has set all of this up for me, because she wants to try and help me and figure out what to do because she doesn't know, she did a mental health question sheet to see if I need to speak to someone/get help, and i scored pretty high on it (40/50). she prescribed me another medication on top of my anti depressants and I don't know if it's helping or not even though its only been a few days on this.

    I want help and I don't want to be like this at all it's really messing up my relationship with my partner, its stopping me from getting a job and everything else.

  5. Thank you so much I'm starting to feel a bit better about it, I will most likely talk to you again.
    I came on here to post because I know that someone would be able to talk to me about it, and me being only young I just get so worked up and only think of the bad stuff that could happen.
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  7. Yeah, I went to the appointment.. And well the lady forced things out of me that I said no I do not wish to answer it, and I ended up breaking down and now I have all these horrid memories coming back and I seriously wish I didn't go... I only just started to be good with what happened... And now I don't even know if I am okay.

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    The first time isn't certainly the best as counselors are trying to get as much information about your situation. Usually counselors ask questions to get a better understanding of your background, as that plays a role on why you came for help and knowing who you are. She might also ask questions as to why this caused this. This is so thye can see symptoms and see why some things were caused. Like depression can cause difficulty to work or bad eating habits. Sometimes it will make you feel worse with sharing your life story or bad experiences, but for some things, you have to break some things down to build it back up -- even stronger. Like rebuilding/repairing a damaged barn. Not only that, but therapy is a process, it takes time. I counseled high schoolers for 2 years, and very familiar with mental health. I hope this helps somewhat. If you do not like your counselor, ask to switch. I wish the best of luck, and hope that things will get better.
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    You are reaching out for help. Give your therapist a chance to help.
    I don't know what you have gone through , but it sounds like you have been dealing with something very tramatic to you for a while now. One appointment is not going to solve anything, give therapy a chance to help you work through this.
    When is your next appointment?

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    Therapy often isn't easy. As another poster mentioned, it often takes time, sometimes even years, to work through conditions.

    However, while it may not be easy, not getting along with a counselor is a different issue entirely. I'd give it a few more sessions and see how you feel. If you don't feel like you mesh with her, then try searching for someone else.

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