In NY - Near Buffalo - Interested in a trade?

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    Jun 1, 2008
    My farm is in:

    N. Collins, NY 14057

    I dont have any eggs at this point.
    My flock was deminished by a fox, and I believe, some yoties as well, this winter.

    I bought a new flock of chicks to raise (see list below) but no eggs yet. I dont have any funds available at this point to rebuild.

    I'd be willing to trade for eggs, birds or (best case) both.

    I'm looking for (eggs/birds):

    Cayuga, Moscovy

    Any - even mixes would be fine.

    I raise:
    Buff Orps, lakenvelders, Buckeyes, California white leghorns, White turkeys.

    But any laying birds would do.
    I realy need layers at this point.

    Game birds:
    Pheasants, Quail.

    Feeder pig - this is just for raising to slaughter size for family food so it don't have to be the best you got or any thing. Pretty much if they've been weaned I'd trade for em. But the better the better of course.
    (Mid July 08)
    (I'd need to wait a bit on this but I could make a deal after mid july for a feeder pig or so) I still need to complete the set up for a pig.

    I have for trade:

    (Prices shown below are for referance only so you know what the item is worth)

    Items are for TRADE only and all Trades will be considered. You do not necessarily have to match their worth to trade with me.

    "Brand NEW"
    still in boxes never used:

    Electric guitars (6 String) = $145.00
    (a few different colors)

    Electric basses (4 String) = $185.00
    (a few different colors)

    5 String banjos = $190.00
    6 String banjos = $210.00
    8 String Mandolin = $90.00

    Also, I have cortz tuners as well for tuning which I'll give to each person who makes a deal w/ me.
    Also, I cant teach to play but I could give starting up advise to anyone interested. Like how to tune and websites for beginners. You know, stuff like that. What ever help I can be to get you going.

    I could send pics to emails if interested.
    But, all instruments are NEW. I can't ship due to funds at this time but anyone local w/ birds or eggs or piglets please reply if interested.

    However, If you are willing to pay shipping
    (most likley about $25.00 to $35.00 anywhere in the USA)
    plus shipping your stuff to me:
    I'd be interested as well.

    My thought is :
    Someone local must know someone that could use one of these instruments(if not themselves).
    Maybe your kid or you wants to learn Guitar or maybe you/they always wanted to play Bass or Banjo or mandolin, but never had the extra cash to spend freely.

    My farm needs some things and I'm willing to work a deal. Think outside the box make an offer let me know. I realize its a bit different but its what I got. Feel free to ask questions about the intruments as well, if interested. I dont want to make this an AD for the intruments. These peices will be traded ONLY!!! (if wanted) and are not for sale on this site.
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  2. willow

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    May 5, 2008
    Sherman, NY
    Hi, I talk to you before when you wanted buff orps. I'm in Sherman, NY. I've go Muscovey duck eggs coming out my ears!! They just won't stop laying and I have RIRx eggs. My RIR roo runs with mostly RIR hens but I also have a few other girls out too so they may be pure or some mixed. These girls lay up a storm and all these are VERY fertile!!

    I don't need any instuments-got anything else?

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