IN OUR PAPER TODAY: "Sometimes, It Takes A Goat To Raise A Villiage"

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    Mar 10, 2008
    What a great story animals are definitley beneficial to all. [​IMG]
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    * Glad you liked it. Even DH moped his eyes a bit after reading it. [​IMG]:aww
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    Jan 25, 2008
    I was just reading about the Heifer organization. I think ninjapoodles had posted a thread on the Everything Else Chicken page yesterday or the day before.

    Great story, thanks for sharing!

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  5. d.k

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    * That was the first I had heard of it. Made me think a little of the gift of a small herd of cattle given to the people of New York as a sympathy gift by African tribesmen after 9-11. THAT really got me in a soft spot, too.
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    Apr 30, 2008
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    that is a wonderful story,
    but I can't help thinking that the author of the book Beatrice's goat Should have contributed something to her education, Since it became a best seller and she/he made a fortune off it.
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    We have long supported Heifer International. Rather than give large gifts at Christmas, we give small, homemade gifts, then make donations to the Heifer Project in family members names - flocks of chickens or ducks, bunnies, hives of bees, goats, pigs, etc. My son's 8th grade class (a few years back) held a fundraiser for Heifer International and had a great time afterward deciding what animals to give. They have a great reputation, and I like how it grows to support the village - when the original animals give birth, their offspring is passed on to someone else in the village so they may benefit, and so on.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful story.
  8. Florida chick

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    Jan 19, 2008
    A wonderful story and I truly am glad for her, BUT I can't help but be upset. Upset that she took a US childs "free" education, upset that she got a great education and then LEFT THE US to go back. She is bettering our country. I find it so sad that so many people help other countries 1st when there are so many in need here. I truly am glad she has a life now, but I see so much poverty and these kids never get a chance like that. Don't you think she "owes" it to the US to stay and better this country seeing her country wouldn't do a darn thing for her? THis is why our Economic state is a mess! We educate and better others and they take full advantage of that and then leave! [​IMG]

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