in praise of my DH, vis a vis run roofing costs :)

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    Being on the brink of starting construction on a new, permanent, roofed run (well actually 2 adjacent runs) for the sussexes, I finally bit the bullet and broke the news to my husband about how much the roofing was going to cost. I want to use white Suntuf, because it is not *that*much more expensive than metal and the run is already in a rather dim area shaded by the building so I would really like to maximize light.

    He was not expecting the price tag (I figure about $600 for the Suntuf and filler strips alone, sigh, plus I need a bit of lumber too) and is not wild about the chickens in general. But after I explained *why* I want to roof the run (partly for wintertime usability, but chiefly because it is right next to a very floody drainage ditch which runs right past our shallow well of questionable integrity and I don't want to be leaching a bunch of poo into our water supply) he agreed we definitely should roof the run and definitely should use Suntuf (or fiberglas if I can find it, but thus far no luck)... and he did not question at ALL the run's existance per se.

    So, I call that a good day [​IMG] I suppose I'd better go bake some brownies or, er, do something else nice for him [​IMG]

    Now I just have to wait til it quits raining so I can start putting in the posts. Everything else I can do on less-ugly winter days, if necessary, but the posts gotta go in *now*.

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    It's been raining nonstop here, too, Pat, and apparently the temps in eastern Canada will hold until late Monday when a cold front sneaks in. I think you'll be pleased with the clear roofing and how you can maintain the light. It *will* divert the water nicely too, our drainage ditch just beyond the run perimeter is flowinf steadily with water coming off clear vinyl PalRUF...[​IMG]
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    You could save a little money by using a combination of metal and plastic roofing. Im going to do that with my next coops. We were able to pick up a lot of used metal roofing dirt cheap, so I can afford to add some plastic panels to increase the light.


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