(IN)-Rabbits,Chickens,Horses,Mini Horses,Goats,Ducks-FOR SALE

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    Jul 27, 2008
    We are down sizing on are animals.

    We live in Wheatfield, IN

    *(Rabbits)*---For Sale

    1 young Sr. Gray Dutch Buck-Breeding,pet.--$8.00

    1 Jr. Choc Duch Doe-Breeding,Pet--$10.00

    1 young Sr. Harliqwin Buck-Breeding,pet--$5.00

    *(Rabbits)*---For Stud

    1 Sr. paperd sable martin nutherland dwarf.
    I brought him to jasper county fair this year and got reserve champion
    in a class of about 8 or more nutherland dwarfs.
    awsome little ears,and body type,good temperment.
    Asking to have pick of the litters, or $20.00

    *(Chickens)*---For Sale

    1 Two year old Bearded silver polish hen.--$20.00

    1 one year old bantam white-crested black polish rooster.---$20.00

    *(Horses)*---For Sale

    1 13 year old bay hackny gelding.A bit spuncky,--$300.00

    1 QH/Appy yearling mare,well minded,calm,bom proof.--$500.00

    1 5 year old paint mare well broke to rid,can rid english,western,barrals,poles,jumping,and halter,good blood lines.
    ask about the blood lines.--$5500.00

    *(Mini Horses)*---For Sale

    1 paperd yearling garolla paint stallion.--$300.00

    *(Goats)*--For Sale Or Trad

    1 one in a half year old nanny pigmy goat,has had a baby this year
    beautiful little nanny,walks on a leash,comes runing to you well called,vary calm. willing to trad for a nanny boar goat with the same temperment,or horse,or mini horse. or for sale for--$80.00

    *(Ducks)*--For Sale
    3 1 year old pecan ducks all girls esay to catch and vary healthy.--$8.00 each

    If you are interested in any of my animals plezz let me know.

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