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    I just watched this episode and I was close to tears when I saw how the animals were living. After the episode was over i wanted to know what happened after. So i looked it up and found this website that gives an update on the situation and it says that this is a problem that is continuous. The children tried getting rid of the animals but she just goes out and buys more. So on this same website it has an address that you can email, call, or send a letter to the addresses to try and prevent this person from buying and mistreating more animals. And to also remove any of the animals that are on her property now. I plan on writing a letter and I strongly urge others to do so as well. If you have not seen the episode go to A&E and its the episode with Hanna and the guy with bunnies. Here are a couple different websites with updates and such. I think they pretty much say the same thing though.
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    I must say that I was sadden by the conditions that the animals were being kept in. Hana needs to be sent to a state mental hospital, rather than imprisonment.
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    Quote:I definitely have to agree. She has a LOT of underlying issues. I would hate to be her caretaker though!

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