in search of silver spangled hamburgs in

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  1. Hi I was wondering if anyone out there could tell me where I could order silver spangled hamburgs pullet chicks from. My local feed store (where I got nearly all my peeps from this year) can not get them:/. I do not want to order 25 or more I was thinking more like 5-7. Any ideas or knowledge out there? Even if a member has some to sell that would be great! Please let me know.[​IMG] I live in NEPA so the closer the better I feel. But I guess at this point I would concitter any where that would ship them.
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    Check in the other section. I think Ideal is probably the only one. I left a response for you in the other thread. [​IMG]
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    May 4, 2007
    MM has them, but you do have to buy at least 25.
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    Ideal hatchery will sell you only a few but they will fill the box with free rooster chicks (which you could give away since they are free). You just have to spend $25.00 with them. I ordered 15 a few weeks ago and expected filler roo's to be in my box but alas there were none. Just give them a call and see what they can do, OR get a friend or a couple of friends to go in on an order with you, that is always fun.

    We have a silver spangled H. from Murray (it was our free rare chick) and it is a little spit fire, FULL OF ENERGY. It is a lot of fun to watch and hold.

    Good Luck
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    Jan 23, 2007
    [​IMG] We got a trio right now with another pair to arrive by end of month .. I would have to seperate them for pure hatching eggs Right now the trio is in with our show quality ameracuana bantams and favs....maybe in awhile we will have purebred SSH eggs to offer... Are you interested in hatching some eggs?[​IMG]

    The SSh's we have are some really good stock!

    I will have to see on price with my partner...LMK!

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    Howdy Ya'll ~ [​IMG]

    I think they are the prettiest, but I have never met one in person. Can you tell me what their personality is like? I read that the one chick is a spitfire.

    Do they make good pets or are they too sparky?

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    Jan 23, 2007
    My SSH trio are getting along fine with the other bantams. I find that usually the birds and this is with all the breeds now that I have come in contact with are so many types that some of them are flighty and even more so particularly when they are changed in their surroundings. Or if they are too tightly confined by space and lack handling. Others can be so docile...makes you wonder whats wrong!

    If you got a predator problem, they can be acting on one extreme or the other.. one very nervous or very docile...must be depending on where they think the bad guy is!!

    Right now we have so many birds that all of them are not pets and some do not get handled at all though they all are inspected daily. I see in some no difference over some that are handled and the chickens are just being chickens!

    I suspect when the two newbies come, I will have some "sibling" rivalry amongst the flock! But would hope it simmers down in time!

    Chickens sometime can be nasty to each other and get out for blood. Just the nature of the beast, but just like anything else, itis natures way of managing the herd!

    With newbies we try to quarantine them for their first couple days just to get to know them before they go to the flock. And also to be sure things are healthy on arrival.

    Good luck.. for what that is worth, just my 2c!

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    I love my Pair of SS Hamburgs! they are great birds, and just gorgeous. <y girl callie is so sweet, she comes to my window, and begs fro scritches! She does however prefer to roost outside in the barn, rather than in the coop with the others. [​IMG] But other than that they are great! here is a couple pics of my pair
    this is callie my hen
    and this is Speedy my roo.
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    Howdy ~ [​IMG]

    What pretty birds.

    Callie looks sweet and I love Speedy's beret!

    Thanx for adding your photos.


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