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In the dead of night

Discussion in 'Games, Jokes, and Fun!' started by CochinBrahmaLover, Mar 22, 2012.


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  1. Amyrika is a 4 year old, her mom is divorced from Phil Lambarke, a drunk who doesnt know how to raise a kid. Darla Gobel, a nurse who works riducolous hours and when Amyrika insists of visiting Daddy, Darla has to stay, always. The last time they visited Phil he showed Amrika, and Darla, an R rated movie about vampires killing people, things seemed to unravel after that..

    "Mommy, their going to eat me!" Little Amyirka cried
    "No no they wont" her mom soothed
    "yes mommy!"
    "No no, vampires dont exist" she rocked Amyrika to sleep, then headed to bed. Darla was exhausted, she hated being a single parent. As soon as she landed on the bed she was alsleep. Around 4 am she woke up panting
    "PHIL!" she screamed, then clasped her mouth, Phil was her ex-husband who showed her daughter the R rated movie giving not only Amyrika nightmares her too. She slammed her fist in the wall
    "Oh sh" she stopped her yelling and grabbed her injured hand. She didnt even notice the sirens blaring, until they were a block away, let alone they were headed to her house. Darla didnt see them until they broke down the locked door
    "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Darla yelled tho she was scared.
    "A neighbor reported a loud thump, then a cry" A man said firmly.
    "Yes that was me slamming my fist in the wall then screaming" Darla said brusquely
    "I had a nightmare" the cop raised his eye brow and some murmers came from the group
    "My stupid ex-husband showed her a R rated movie, Ive had nightmares since" her fists were balling, until it was clear she planned on hitting him
    "Well we are still reuquired to search the house" So Darla led them room to room, she showed her Amyrika's room last. She didnt see anything when she first opened it, until she stepped in the sticky blood...
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  2. TechnoCat

    TechnoCat Crowing

    Nov 20, 2011
    Wherever Angel is~
    good start, doesn't make much sense tho
  3. lol, i know, i suck at stories
  4. Good start! Just add more detail, plot, and back story!
  5. ya im thinking of what to add to it.... and i am gonna add the background story, i was thinking but figured i should

    thanks, you need to write a story so that i can reads it! it will be good i bets :p
  6. Lol, I'm actually working on one!

  8. LOL!!!! Okay! I'll send you the prologue.
  9. LOL!!
  10. I'll also give you a sneak peek at the first chapter... [​IMG]

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