In the market for a new incubator!

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  1. So after this long and frustrating hatch I have come to the conclusion that I HATE my LG! Even with the circulated air system installed the thing is a piece of junk! For the entire hatch I battled endless temp AND humidity spikes...and no matter what I couldn't maintain the same temp throughout the whole bator.

    So I am looking to buy a new that will give me better hatches. What do you recommend?
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    An Australorp [​IMG]

    When I was seriously considering getting an incubator, I was going to buy myself a Brinsea with the turner - now I have Gussie, the Australorp and she's awesome.
  3. Quote:[​IMG] I am actually really temped to go to the feed store and pick up a bunch of silkies!! I am tired of this artificial incubating stuff haha and last time I had a silkie she went broody ALL THE TIME!!

    I never knew Australorps were so broody! Then again I have only owned one in my years of chicken raising [​IMG]

    Hmm...I might have to bring this up to my boyfriend since we are making a trip to the store tomorrow!
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    I have a Genesis 1588 and I have to say, I am disappointed. Mine has different temperatures in every corner, and
    its not like the difference is very small. Even had a bit more powerful fan put in, but I think it somehow made things
    worse, as last year the temp was high where the turner motor is, but this year this is the low-temp part of the inc.
    The temp does not fluctuate at all, but they are just different all over the thing ... And it seems it depends on what
    position is the egg turner at. When I take it out, the temp also changes. Seems to me this thing has poor air circulation,
    possibly due the turner, not enough space around it. I have even raised the thing up and away from any walls, so
    the problem is not in how it is placed in the room.
    Going to get a german one from Bruja,
    see how that is, at least it has a digital temp screen, showing how much you are setting.
    The Genesis has a quite ... lets say strange system for that, you tweak and tweak and don't have any clue how
    much you have set it in the end [​IMG].
    Maybe the turner in Bruja also does not interfere with the even distribution of the air.... hopefully.
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    I have 2 Hovabator 1588's that I just love.
    Very stable temps, it's set to hold 99.5F.
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    I have the 1588, and I have a 2362 that I hate, and I have a Brinsea minithingy that's small,Have you checked into the Brower? Same price as the 1588
  7. Quote:I have been looking at the Genesis. How well does it work?
  8. Wow so many replies!! Thanks everyone for the input. I am definitely looking for something with stable temps since I have VERY unstable temps in my LG. And as far as prices go I paid a grand total of about $160 for mine, so I am aware that to get better quality I might have to go a bit pricier.
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    The 1588 I bought with the turner I think was about $180. The Brinsea starts at 90 and up, depending on the model. And the Brower is on ebay for $180

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