In the news... organic and "orthorexia" (sp)

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    I just turned on the local TV noon news... " people who are so tuned in to "healthy" " organic" foods suffer from orthorexia (sp) . They not only suffer in the pocketbook but also malnurishment symtoms akin to anorexia as well ..." . If "orgaic" foods are taughted to be more healthy over "other" foods and therefore command a higher price, how can this be ???
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    That's ridiculous. Not saying you are ridiculous Bossroo, just the news report. I eat the same foods I ate before, just without the chemicals, preservatives, pesticides etc.... This is the way everyone ate 60 years ago, when everything was organic and nobody had to think about it. Now some one with Orthorexia may become so focused on eating "healthy" foods, they don't provide their bodies with necessary protiens and vitamins, but it has nothing to do with eating organic foods. I can especially see that in someone who does a raw food diet improperly. Here's a link on Orthorexia:

    like the media is trying to retard the food revolution.
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    Orthorexia is typified by a very extreme way of eating. Eating ONLY organic may be a part of the symptom, but it's not the cause. I have a good friend who is edging to the brink of this. At the heart of it is her need to feel that she is in control, that if she eats a certain way nothing can happen to her. It's become her religion, in a way.
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    Feb 13, 2010
    Orthorexia, just another word for depriving yourself of nutrients because of an eating disorder. These things happen when doctors get involved in every aspect on a person's life. It sounds like a hoax to me. mal-nourishing yourself is another word for being a moron... no need to assign a fancy word to it. The only difference is that these people are eating all organic... so they are called orthorexic. If someone who doesn't eat organic deprives themseves of nutrition, they are called unhealthy... sounds like doctors are just trying to make more money, and put down people who can't afford all organic. It doesn't matter what we do, we will never be healthy enough for the doctors' tastes.
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    Although it is not an official medical diagnosis, and it is not listed in the DSM-IV[8] or planned to be included in the DSM-V to be published May 2013,[9] it is still used as a diagnosis by some practitioners who have documented the damaging results of the condition as they have seen in their practices

    Based on this alone, I would have to say it is complete crap, much like calling someone a Bulimarexic. No such diagnosis exists like that, it is just a term used by ill taught psychologists and psychiatrists to milk more money out of people. This guy coined a term that isn't recognized by the professional standard. He's probably manipulating patients who have some combination of OCD, eating disorder, and possibly paranoia/phobia.

    The known and diagnosed eating disorders are Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating Disorder. Eating only strictly organic foods is not an eating disorder. If it gets to the point of malnutrition then the doctor should be looking for reasons, not making up a new diagnosis.
    If you are eating only tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers because all you grow in your backyard are tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers because you have a paranoia about store bought produce, then you don't have an eating disorder, you have paranoid delusions possibly linked to schizophrenia.​
  7. Maybe it's a preservative thing?

    No formaldehyde in your food and you won't be 'preserved' as long?

    OR, could be that nowadays everyone expects double Ds on the ladies, no growth hormones stuck in and they might just have to settle for a B *gasp* AND they might actually have to wait until they're 14 to get 'em (stupid late bloomer genes).
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    Jeez, I'm perfectly happy with B's. And those are good for you! They're the only breasts, high in B vitamins.

    I don't think it's the organic nature of the food that's the problem. The problem is the mindset that:

    1. If it's "natural" it must be good for you. HIV is all natural. Poison ivy is all natural. Tapeworms are organic! Have a big bowl of cold sores... they're all natural! Pass.

    2. The belief that no matter what you eat, it will fulfill your body's requirements, won't work. Do not put your infant on a vegetarian/vegan diet. They will die.

    Eat right. If you are a strict vegetarian you need to pay close attention to the protein sources, in your life. If vegan, even closer attention. If your diet becomes a religion, be prepared to be surrounded by infidels. Who own their own barbecues. Don't worry, they don't waste any part of the animals anymore (for the record, I cite bologna as an example).

    I can totally get behind anyone who does not eat meat, for moral reasons. I am willing to hunt my own food and have the courage to be there and see the death of the animal I am going to eat. Believe me, it's a different experience than buying a steak, on Styrofoam, covered in plastic wrap. It's sad and it will also connect you to that animal. If you are willing to eat the steak, I feel you should also be willing to, once in your life, actually go take the life of an animal before you eat it.

    Back on topic. There are idiots everywhere. It seems they eat all sorts of things and fail to eat properly. My girlfriend is an ICU nurse. One of her patients is a naturopath who has destroyed her kidneys with the "supplements" she has been taking and continues to insist that it can't be that, because it's all natural and organic.

    Uranium comes from Mother Earth too. Don't eat it.
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    Quote:A person eating an unbalanced organic diet and developing problems, is not because the food was organic. It's because the diet was unbalanced. If you eat only organic snack foods, for example, you won't be very healthy. If you don't get a wide variety of foods and nutrients in your diet, you won't be very healthy. It's not the absence of toxins that causes malnutrition, it's the absence of a balanced diet. Have you heard of that concept? I've heard about it my entire life.

    But if for some reason you think that preservatives, pesticides, weed killers, dyes, and a host of chemicals like MSG, hydrolyzed soy protein, BGH, and other garbage, add something essential to the human diet, please feel free to sprinkle some pesticide on your breakfast cereal, or whatever else you think you need to be healthy. Heck, you could even eat some plastic, a few petroleum products, maybe a little coal dust and mercury for seasoning, if you feel like it would be good for you.
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    Dec 12, 2007
    Maybe they can't afford enough food to eat enough calories? [​IMG]

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