In urgent need of advice on 2 day old chick

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    Feb 3, 2011
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    I have a 36 hour old chick that I need advice on-
    - hatched in incubator
    - I missed the date written on the egg, so he never went into lockdown... Heard peeping coming from the bator (one with the turner, not the lockdown bator)
    -chick had pipped out a hole, but couldn't move to pip more
    He was shrink wrapped tight in his shell, and couldn't move at all, so I helped him out of the shell... Yolk was totally absorbed, and he was vigorous...
    - also, he had pooped in the egg, is that normal??

    I thought he was going to have a curled foot, but it straightened out that night- but now he has a spraddle leg. His left leg is out in front, and he wobbles around and can't walk properly... After several stressful hours, and lots of post reading, I made a plan for him... Here is what I've done...

    - confined in a small brooder, (in my bedroom,lol)
    - bedded on shavings covered with bath towel
    - put marbles in the water dish
    - gave him a mirror for a buddy and a washcloth to snuggle with
    - applied a bandaid hobble (last night-he can get around a little better now)

    So, here's my question/s:
    I haven't seen him eat... He isn't pecking around like a normal chick... I think when he bends over he loses his balance
    I dipped his beak in the water several times, and he reacts to it, but I haven't seen him drink on his own either
    I tried feeding him by placing chick starter on my finger, and he ate a couple of pieces, but not much... What can I do to help him eat and drink until his mobility is better? Is this a situation where I should use a chick chair?

    I have raised day old chicks, but this is my first time hatching eggs... He is the first baby from my pet bantam Cochins, so I am a total nervous wreck!
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    Apr 11, 2011
    Do you have a little medicine dropper? Mix up some crumbles, a little sugar and add water to make it into a mash. Feed from the dropper by putting a little drop on the end of its beak. The chick should drink it right up. Good luck!

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