In which the Jr. Ameraucana Police attend the 4H Christmas Party....

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    Right before Christmas our 4H group had party and we were lucky enough to have a special guest, a lady who does petting zoo birthday parties. She was informative and her animals delightful. I would totally hire her for a party b/c even though our show got a bit fact PG I would think she keeps it not so real at birthday parties. She brought an animal for each of the letters in "Christmas" and the kids were guessing what it was before it was unveiled. It was fine til the last two letters when she pulled out an EE and said it was an Ameraucana for "A". She asked the kids the difference between a Ameraucana and a Araucana and kept talking about her hen. To be fair, the EE was muffed and bearded with slate legs but it was that brown/red color with the black lacing you see in EE's alot. That color that most of my own EE's are.
    Since we have both breeds , DS, who is 8 and very particular about facts and chickens he loves, was beside himself every time she said "Ameraucana". He started to disagree every time she said something. It went something like this-
    Zoo Lady-Like all Ameraucanas this hen lays a green egg.
    DS-"That's b/c its not an Ameraucana. It should lay a blue or blue green egg.
    You should have it under "H" for hen, not A."
    Zoo Lady-"Do any of you have Ameraucanas? They are mean, arent they? Mine killed my Silkie chicks."
    DS-"Actually they are really nice and friendly. Yours isn't a Ameraucana and you probably introduced them wrong."
    I think he did work in not an APA recognized color, too, somewhere in her talk.
    Picture me proud and mortified at the same time since we are new to the club and I figured that taking issues with guest speaker is not the way to make a great impression.
    So on we went to "S" and when the kids guessed maybe the mystery pet was a skunk the Zoo lady said she used to have one, but she had it in her house on the way to a party with a box of chicks and learned the hard way that pet or predator skunks eat chicks.
    And if they bite a human they have to be tested for Rabies. Test explained.
    Picture group of small children around cute animals and group of parents behind them eggs bugging and jaws dropped that we are talking about dead chicks for the second time in a few minutes and decapitated skunks. Merry Christmas, eh?
    Later DS did go up to talk to her , but got distracted by the "S", a Skinny Pig, and lost his chicken mission. The kids were so into the animals I doubt they listened to what she was saying, anyway, although a few days ago when DD asked why we can't have a deer a a pet I mentioned not keeping wild animals being like the skunk. DD said, "Well, I wouldnt want a pet skunk b/c if it bites someone you have to cut its head off and you have wasted a lot of money on a skunk." Guess she did learn something.
    And the did the Petting Zoo Lady!!
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    LOL that's too funny. My 4 year old can explain my whole chicken operation to people- and DOES quite often. [​IMG]
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    OMG! That was a hilarious story! Good for DS! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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