Incessant Peeping - reasons?


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I recently acquired a 4wk bantam cochin hen, and she cheeps all day long! We keep her inside at night, and once we turn the lights out, she calms down. During the day, we keep her in a small cage next to the coop so that my 2-10wk orpington pullets can get acclimated. The bantam just peeps and peeps and peeps all day, when I go to check on her, she flies right at me and tries to climb up on my shoulder. If I let her do this, she still doesn't stop cheeping. I just feel bad because my first assumption is that she is scared and it is my desire to make it better. Any suggestions (or encouragement would be greatly appreciated. I want all my hens to be happy! Thanks
Won't she flock with the orpingtons when she gets older? I live in Florida, she I don't think cold is an issue, and I take her inside at dusk. Sorry, I am very new to this.
Another chick in the cage with her would probably help. They may hang together when they're grown or they may not. My chickens seem to have cliques that start when they're chicks and raised together as groups.
They are exceptionally lonely as chicks. They peep as a call for company. I had 2 chicks together, and when I took one out to bath and let my daughter hold the other would peep constantly until I got them back together. Seperation anxiety!

Honestly, he/she needs a buddy. Try a small stuffed animal in with her/him if you just can't find her a friend for now.
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Yes, in retrospect, I should have made an attempt to acquire 2, but she was the only one available in the area at the time. As far as the cold is concerned, it was 85 here yesterday, so I am thinking that cold isn't the issue? I will try the stuffed animal and keep an eye out for a companion.

Your lil chick is lonely and wants to cuddle with other chicks, especially at night time. I have 6 in their brooder and they make a big ol' pile of chicks at night. I think if you have another one in there with her, she will stop.

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