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    I am on my 2nd day of my second go around with incubation this year. I think I may have added to much moisture to the incubator and raised the humidity to much is there any way to lower it? Will it eventually lower itself? What humidity do you keep it at throughout your incubating eggs? It seems like I had better success last spring. We only had 4 surviving chicks out of the first hatch this year. Something happened in the last week and the rest of the chicks died in their shell. Any tips and suggestions from the pros would be greatly appreciated.
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    It will lower itself over time, but that could take a few days.
    If you don't want to take the eggs out, you can use a turkey baster or a marinade injector to suck the water up. Or use paper towels to absorb it. You won't hurt the eggs by having the incubator open for 10 minutes or so.

    As to what humidity level to use, it depends on where you live and what you believe in. [​IMG] I live in Georgia, so it's rather humid here anyway. I incubate at around 35-40% relative humidity and the up it to 55% for hatching.

    If you search here, you'll find many different humidity settings and many different beliefs in what's best. This seems to work best for me, so that's what I do.

    Do you have a hygrometer in your incubator? If not, how do you know if your humidity is too high? Even with a hygrometer, when you candle you can check the air sack size. Lots of examples here on what to look for.

    Good luck with it.

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