Incontinence in dogs

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  1. One of our dogs is having major issue with it. We have a vet appt this week but I was wondering if anybody else has had the problem and what if anything could the vet do? Sandy is 12 going on 13 , shepard mix, she has always "leaked" some here and there but lately she can't seem to control it at all and pees all over herself.

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    My daughter in law is currently dealing with the same thing with one of her dogs.....same age as yours. The vet said it's more than likely just age, but they're going to do some tests to rule out any bladder or kidney infections.

    My house dog used to have the same problem from when she was very young...she's seven now, but her's was caused by a food allergy and when I switched her to a no grain food she quit leaking.
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    We have a shepherd mix too and she is 12 yo, but she has had the incontinence problem her whole life and it is common in dogs. In her case she has some weird blood chemistry problem for which she is on a prescription diet, also her whole life, and I can't remember if the two problems are related but I think so. In any case, she takes Proin when she needs it. It is a prescription med for incontinence and works well. She doesn't even need to take it every day, but that varies I'm sure. Probably no big deal for your dog, I wouldn't worry yet if I were you.
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    btw Proin comes in a chewable tablet that they are supposed to like, but our dog dislikes them. She will reluctantly eat them in a treat, if the treat is good enough...[​IMG]
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    I have a lab/rot mix, don't know her age since she is rescue, but she has the problem also, the vet prescribed a bladder control med, it isn't expensive and like chiknmania said she doesn't need to take it all the time now, when she first went on the medication she had to take it everyday though.
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    Many older spayed females get an estrogen deficiency and start to get incontinent.

    I mean - many female DOGS....well, it's not limited to the dog species, don't ask me how I learned that.....

    It just depends on how much the estrogen level falls off. I also have some idea, accurate or not, LOL, that in a FEW of these cases, you can just get some extra weight off the dog (food and exercise) and control some of the most mild cases that way.

    And I think other dogs just need the estrogen.

    The estrogen keeps the muscles around the bladder from shrinking and atrophying.

    Some of our female dogs became incontinent and the diagnosis was the estrogen deficiency.

    It is a miniscule dose that is needed to help with incontinence. We never had any problems or side effects with any of the female dogs we gave it to and it really worked well.
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    Have her checked for diabetes we had a 12 year old german shepherd that was heavy and started that unfortunatly we didnt find out about the diabetes til it was too late.
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    There is a product called Proin that is available from vets and it takes care of the problem. One of my Dobies was a rescue and they insisted we spay her. She has been incontinent ever since. Thanks to Proin one tablet twice a day, she no longer leaks or has accidents. She's 9 now and has been on it since she was 2.


  10. Thanks everybody! Hopefully the vet can get her all fixed up. [​IMG]


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