Increased Breathing Rate

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    May 18, 2010
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    I have a silkie pullet, 10 months, who has started having some strange symptoms lately. The first thing I noticed was when I let them out to roam she would peck at the grass half-heartedly and then she just sat there for the rest of her time. She stands with her chest low to the ground and her head close to her body, and doesn't really want to move. Her other symptom is that she has an increased breathing rate. Not hyperventilating, but faster than the others a little bit.

    She is still very excited about food and treats, and has been drinking.

    She has laid an egg a day for the last couple days with no problems.

    Poop is completely normal.

    No discharge, maaaaybe minor rales but if so there was only a tiny bit of crackling

    The flocks have MG and are currently having a flareup due to the weather changes we've had lately. No discharge, coughing, or wheezing....just light sneezes that I can hear when I'm standing out there for awhile.

    I decided to treat first with injectable Tylan 50, and her last shot is tomorrow. What should I do if that doesn't improve anything?

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