Increasing humidity in Brinsea Octagon for lockdown

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Mar 24, 2010
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We're doing well keeping our humidity right now between 40-50% pretty easily, just occasionally adding water to the trays when the humidity starts to go down (we check it several times a day, but only need to add water every couple days so far) We are on day 8.

Our vent is currently half open. I'm wondering what you guys do for lock down to raise the humidity for hatching? Close vent completely? Fill trays with water? I've seen mention of using paper towels to wick water out also... would someone please spill the secrets?
I lift up the plastic egg holder tray, fill both water trays and then put paper towel folded in half with the fold laying in one of the water trays so it will suck up water. Then I lay the ramainder of the the paper towel(s) on the bottom of the octogon section so that the egg tray holder will sit on the wet paper towels. I hope this makes sense.
I cut up the cheap cello sponges and put them into the channels to hold more water, then lay paper towels over top of that. If I have to add water during lockdown I put a straw through the vent and add water that way.
Hi, im currently on day 5, i have an brinsea octagon 40. Ive had to channels filled since day one which is supposed to be 50 percent humidity, i have the vent slid across half way. I would like to know too if i have to up the humidity. I was wondering when i read the manual again you have to fill a 3rd channel up on day 18..ill try and find out lol.
As others have said increase humidity by using sponges in the water wells, but whatever you do keep the vent fully open for hatching, their need for oxygen is highest at this point.
Thank you for the tip... This is a learning process
Do you leave the vent wide open for the entire lock down or just when they start hatching?
Someone else pointed out on the brinsea forum that there are 4 holes in the bottom and 1 more at the top for a humidity pump. I have always kept my vent closed and never had a problem.
YES! x 100!!! Air vents should really be fully open for the last week of incubation.
You should never increase humidity by reducing air flow. Bad idea...

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