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    Part one: I have 10 chicks about 9 days old in a box indoors that provides just under 6 sq. ft. of room, plus having a perch about 20 inches long. Which they use! Since southern WV climate means they'll be in the house another 3+ weeks, seems like I should join a second box to the first to increase run around space. Yes?
    Second: For newbies (it may be as few as 8 if 2 declare themselves to be roosters)and grown up hens to get acquainted given an 8 sq foot coop, what would be the minimal decent square footage to have them cooped up within the coop? Can't just let em run around in there since hens come in to lay at various times. At least not for the first ???? weeks of getting acquainted.
    Thoughts? Suggestions?
    New to integrating new chicks into established flock (3 Golden Comets, 1 Buff Orpington, 1 Speckled Sussex and 1 SS roo.

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