Incubated raised chicks VS momma rasied chicks


10 Years
Aug 3, 2009
This is a question I have always wanted to throw this out there.

I have 2 roo and 5 hens, 2 pellets and 1 cockerel all momma raised.

And 2 hens given to me that were incubated chicks.

All my hens are laying so the ages of all these birds range from 2 years to 13 months. (the 2 being the 13 months)

Here is my momma raised chickens dirt bath every day, they are always clean (no dirty buts) . They scratch all day for food and think of how to get the grapes off the high vines, the apples off the low laying tree branches and seeds off the tops of the tall grass.
I feel this is because their mommas showed them how.

The other 2 hens, dirt bath every once and a while, their buts are dirty quit often, they leave the searching for food to the other birds then run in to eat all they can.

My hubby saids they are just dumb, I think it is because there was no momma to show them how.

Is a momma raised chicken more knowledgeable in the chicken way of life then a incubated rasied chicken?

Just figured I'd put this out there for debate.
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Yes, it is a well known fact that hen raised chicks do forage better and take better care of themsevles. Another fact is that there color is better too. I am talking overall body color not egg color. I have heard this from a number of breeders that range their chickens.

Now as far as the dust bathing some chicks will do alot more than others. I have a few that just do not stop now matter what, they are at it off and on all day. All mine right now are hatchery stock so were not raised with a mom.

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