Incubated upside down


Aug 26, 2017
One of my Marans eggs (quite rounded on both ends without a definite “big end”) was accidentally set upside down for the first 10 days. I flipped it the right way as soon as I realized my mistake. Is it early enough that it can re-orient and grow the right direction??
Probably. The issue is not how it grows as much as where the air cell is. If the air cell has migrated you could have a problem, especially when the chick tries to internal pip. My suggestion is to position it correctly and keep going. Those eggs can be pretty tough so just give it a chance.

I've had a few eggs shaped like that, it can be difficult to tell which is the pointy end. Marans eggs can be pretty dark and really hard to see inside when you candle, but if you have that again maybe try to candle before you start it. Jut do the best you can.
Thanks. Typically I do candle the tricky ones, but my kid set this one in the tray and I missed it! Air cell was still in the large end, so hopefully by flipping it rightside up the chick is able to orient correctly.

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