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  1. I was hanging out with a friend and my friend gave me this pigeon egg out of her incubator. Knowing that I had mine plugged in. well I don't know how far along it is, but I went home (my friend is my neighbour and is like 2 minutes away) and put it in the bator. Than Took it out to see if it was alive or a dud... well its alive, from what I can tell.

    A problem I have is I don't know how to take care of pigeons. I raise Quail and chickens. and that it takes like 17 days to hatch.

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    it will also need to be hand feed every ... um not sure lots, they need 'pigeon milk' which is partially digested food ...
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    Found this online hope it helps
    The store bought baby bird formula works good, continue this method for as long as the baby will take it. At 3-4 weeks begin adding frozen corn & peas, the smaller ones, heated, then hand fed during regular formula feeding. Hard seed (small ones) can be placed in the holding pen (cage) with the baby during the day. The bird will peck at it for a long time before actually eating it.
    Also provide water in pen. Continue hand feeding formula for as long as the bird will take it. Someday it will just begin eating seed without your help.
  4. I researched more, And raising pigeons quite right now is not my thing. As I said not right now. So my friend came over and picked the egg up from me. I put it in a box with hand warmers. It's doing good though.

    Thanks all for the advice. I'll hopefully later on get into the Pigeon thing (or maybe doves)

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