Incubating Mallard Eggs

Sue S

Mar 7, 2018
Hi, I have 5 mallard eggs that have been incubating for 18 days, I candled them lastnite & they look good. Their parents were killed by a raccoon ( their parents are my profile pic, they were my babies) I was devastated when they were killed. Can anyone tell me what the hatch time is, some sites say 28 days some say 24-26 days???? This is my first time incubating & I don't want to lose these eggs..
I just finished incubating my eggs (parents in profile pic) they started hatching on day 26 and finished on day 29. I had 17 eggs incubating and hatched 14. I started my lock down on day 25 and raised my humidity to 60%. good luck with yours would love to see any future pictures.
So sorry for your loos... I would be devastated to... they should hatch around 28 days ,of course that is not always the same for every egg... keep us updated and can't wait for pics ;) and welcome to BYC:frow
awwww Wild mallards?
They are a different then domesticated ducks i would highly suggest reading up more about rescued wild duck care or talk with a wildlife person on their care to help along the way.
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