Incubating Shipped Silkie Eggs

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8 Years
Feb 12, 2013
Eastern WA
I hatched shipped eggs with my hen's eggs, They had just started to lay when I was putting them in the incubator. One I must have slipped in late, I should hatch tomorrow. I forgot I put them in so late. Def mark'm in the future. It's one of my dark maran eggs.


Jun 1, 2021
Day 23
I removed the remaining egg and made a small hole in the side, I could see there was absolutely no movement at all. I decided to crack the egg open and it was definitely dead. Such a shame. The yolk sack was still there and the chick look quite developed. I’m guessing it died quite late on it the incubation process. I’m not sure if you can see in any photos I’ve uploaded previously but the chick was white with black stripes, similar to another one which has hatched.I didn’t want to take any pictures as it didn’t look pleasant at all😬

5/6 (on eggs that were actually fertile) isn’t too bad for my 3rd ever hatch.
Will probably not be hatching again in the winter as I’ve realised it has a big effect on fertility.
Thankyou everybody for your advice throughout the process

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