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    Dec 10, 2010
    Hello all! I'm new to incubating, well I regulated my browner845 for about five days. I added eggs last [email protected] 8pm, the temperature on my thermometer dropped to about 98 deg. I let the warm up period happen, but temp read 97.9deg all day. I turned temp up but now I have a hot spot in incubator of 104deg. What should I do?
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    You are going to get alot of ops on this one.

    Here's mine. I've had hatches where the temp went up to 100 -101 and it's no big deal. I've had fluctuations and it was no big deal. I would try to get it as close to 99.5 as you can if its a little higher no big deal.

    As for the 104 turn it down and try to get it to between 99/5 and 100.5. Use a digital if you've got one. If you use more than one, what was recommended at the ALBC conference take an average of the two and go with that. A half point here or there won't hurt.

    Learn the idiocincrisies of your incubator. Develop your own technique and go with that.

    I didn't notice where you were from but altitude can affect an incubator as can the location in the house. I keep a thermometer on the wall in my office to monitor room temp. It should be in a room average 70=80 and steady at that. Low traffic area helps.

    Wish you a successful hatch


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